Delay- QB sneak.

14/06/17 23:56
I was thinking that there should be a ON/OFF for a QB run OR at least allow the QB to move like the rest of the offensive players to roll out and pass would greatly alter current strategy. The fact that in the NFL the QB does run the ball time to time should be part of the game.
15/06/17 10:42
Don't know how complicated it is to program a qb roll but definitely agree a qb run should be an option.
13/07/17 21:13
To further elaborate on my subject. Perhaps with the addition of your second and third strategy building they could offer a few more interesting options. So on your second strategy building, they could offer to assign the QB the ball like RB's and WR's etc. But with the intention of running forward pass the line i.e. QB sneak. Then on the third strategy building they might enable the QB to move on his own trajectory. And or include another breaking point on the current route making would be nice. Maybe offer the OL to also have blocking assignments of certain DL's and LB's. Oh and one current tiny fix of the QB spot in shotgun, it should be farther back then Pro or Wishbone.