match bonus????

25/05/17 22:01
what is the function of the match bonus and how does it work....also is it actually worth using or really just a waste of time and money.
25/05/17 22:42
It may help you win a game ... but not necessarily so. We were discussing it in our guild a's we have several opponents who were boosting against us. I worked out for me to fully boost it costs four times what I earn for winning the match. Obviously you can boost less but it's definitely not a way to get rich.

For me I don't think it's ever worth it.
26/05/17 00:47
The % of your Match bonus goes straight into your stats; though you won't see it on your stat pages. The amount you can boost drops by 1% each level you gain. But the cost goes up. Both teams can boost (use match bonus) in Champ series games and Tournament games. Only the challenger can boost in Guild challenges. No boosting in friendlies or on the Match map.

According to the developers of the game it adds an element of randomness to matches. At its most basic it keeps money spenders playing the game.

It is good to know who will boost you because you can then decide whether you want to boost back; to protect yourself from injuries, for one. But there is no way of knowing if someone will boost you before the game. Except by their reputation.
26/05/17 10:00
Before you even think of boosting you shold check your morale setting as this is cheaper to increase and can make a big difference
26/05/17 13:25
Almost have to take a back seat to big money spenders. Some can only win by spending money . Wallet warriors will always prevail. unfortunately..
26/05/17 15:50
I think you can win without spending real cash but It is definitely more difficult, takes a lot of effort and tactics.