Match map

20/05/17 00:40
I would like to see the Match rankings count for something. Use them to decide a winner of tied games in Championship series and Guild Challenges.

To any lower level or new players who see this post: Do Not advance as far as you can. Move up slowly, only beating teams right in front of you in the rankings. There is not much to gain right now by moving up. A little money, very little experience, but it pales in comparison to what you will make from your village and money games. You can of course do as you wish but understand, you have been warned. You will run into a wall of inactive and uncaring higher level teams on your map. And you will be stuck. You will know when to move up.
23/05/17 16:08
For you a lot of money. Lol .wallet warriors always prevail.
23/05/17 17:48
Map matches are the most flawed part of the game I think. I am trying to move back down the rankings for reasons mentioned above and am having lots of luck by doing 4 hour training sessions during the day.

Anyway an easy half fix would be to limit the teams you can play to within 50 places of your current ranking. Would make it harder for lower championship teams to move up so ridiculously quick