Possibly changing guilds

21/04/17 17:00
So I'm in my secondiary full season and am doing pretty well, routinely beating people 3 or 4 championships above me in guild challenges last challenge I had 3 successful defences and had 2 already this challenge. My guild is pretty good and we have either won or drawn our last 4 challenges.

However im thinking of moving on. My guild are supplying me with med kits etc and take their challenges but no one ever talks on the forum.

If anyone has a guild with an active chat with lots of banter and congratulations etc and people playing each other in friendlies and giving advice etc that's what im looking for.

Check me out. I'm York texans. Currently in championship 4, juSt inside top 700 somehow (no idea its bloody annoying)
21/04/17 17:01
And if anyone from my guild reads this start actually contributing to the conversation and I won't feel the need to move on
22/04/17 05:41
My friend, currently we are called RIp Bonehead. We lost a brother. We are quite tight, and chat nonstop. LOL Were known as Coalition of Conquerors. You might know our leader, Judd. or Toptown. He is constantly on the forums helpsing people. Would love to have you join.
22/04/17 08:01
[quote="Jason Riley"]
My friend, currently we are called RIp Bonehead.

York Titans, just do a friendly vs. Toptown Dredd. Its the best way for us to find you, unless we know what guild you are in.
22/04/17 14:22
Just had a friendly against a couple of your guild and was fascinated by your defences. Definitely gave me a couple of things to think about
22/04/17 14:23
Noticed they were very similar. I assume you guys play each other quite a bit?
22/04/17 16:33
Guest EY6YHG :

Noticed they were very similar. I assume you guys play each other quite a bit?

TBH, of all the things you are looking for we do that one the least, as an overall group anyway. We tend to try out new things against each other or use it to see how much we have grown, but it is not a constant thing. I let everyone decide for themselves how they want to progress their team. I do not want to steer you wrong so if you are looking for constant friendlies there are a few other guilds I have seen that tend to friendly each other a lot. I would say that all it would take is for one team to want to and you will find other teams willing to participate with you. But we do like to chatter/banter/congratulate, we share and innovate, and definitely support each other. Our teams are competitive and quite a few are dominant at their league level. Our next GC win will be #50. I will send you and invite and you can decide from there. Good luck either way it turns out!