Boosting offensive linesmen

07/04/17 07:31
So I have maxed out the blocking and stamina on my best ol. Struggling for what else is important
07/04/17 14:09
How about speed and accel?
07/04/17 18:30
While I'm not over convinced there is too much benefit, definitely better than kick accuracy. Thanks.

What about anti juke. Can dliners juke through or just players with the ball
07/04/17 23:31
Sometimes your OL get the ball so its not a bad idea to train them as RBs as well. Carry and toughness at least.
08/04/17 15:57
Forgot about toughness, thats a definate yes.
10/04/17 23:05
Rumor has it that toughness/strength are tied to ability to block and get through blocks, although dev statements suggest otherwise. I can confirm that anti-juke is not a concern unless you want your OL to tackle defenders after a pick/fumble.

You'll also want to boost passing for anyone you use at Center.
11/04/17 21:20
Rumours are just that, rumours.
Toughness = Resistance to injury
Strength = Probability to break your opponents legs, ribs, arms and and and

18/12/17 15:49
also you can boost "pass accuracy" and have OL used in the C position becaue they are pretty much the same stats across the board