Scrum is crap

22/08/20 18:50
My settings for my forwards are max as far as the scrum and ruck is concerned but I keep losing scrums. Player morale is high so WTF am I doing wrong.
23/08/20 16:33
When questions such as this are asked, you really should post your team name & Guild, so more experienced players can take a look and answer questions more accurately.
'Settings' - do you mean 'scrum aggression' as defined in strategy, or the players' actual stats?

At the very least, you should have forwards maxed in 'scrum strength' and high values in 'co-ordination', for your scrum to work efficiently. After that 'scrum aggression' is a personal choice in strategy options.
24/08/20 12:49
Sounds like you might just have your scrum aggression set too low in your strategy settings. Or like Peanut Butta said, your training on scrum strength and scrum coordination is not maxed on all forwards
24/08/20 13:40
Thanks for the advice but all my forwards scrum strength is max. I must be doing something wrong.
24/08/20 13:48
What about scrum coordination? And what scrum aggression setting are you using?
26/08/20 20:03
Scrum co-ordination is max and aggressive setting is 89
26/08/20 20:03
Scrum co-ordination is max and aggressive setting is 89
28/08/20 21:30
What Peanut said. The only way for more experienced players to give you specific advice is if you confirm your team name and which Guild you are in.
09/02/21 14:29
My team name is NZ Warriors, spoken with guild members but not a massive bit of input. Any more advice.
11/02/21 13:17
Try hand off aggression. This has an impact on your scrum, try 80 to 85.

Good luck.