Building of a fresh guild

21/04/20 02:09
Right I have just been able to recover my long lost second team so if there will be space I'll join you guys
22/04/20 05:16
well, i willput it on invitation just 4 u
22/04/20 05:17
then play a match against me so that i can invite you
23/04/20 02:30
Yo Bulls I played ya a friendly so hopefully I'm noticed haha...
I'm in a Ukrainian guild just to collect some heal kits and then once I get the invite I will come over
23/04/20 05:53
cool, some other teams joined but after this gc, i wil remove a inactive team, cause we have a couple then invite ya
23/04/20 14:09
29/04/20 05:09
sweet as