Kicks from inside the 22.

27/06/19 06:42
Sukitansee - the Sultan Assassin :

Peanut Butta :

..... those without a clue.

Has there been a patch? I played a full visa team (in Chmp) yesterday and didn't concede fouls.

It's such a shame the game seems so corrupt at the highest lvls. But SN's pandering towards members who want to win at ALL costs has hit them in the 'pocket'. If they looked towards marketing in-game (so many obvious opportunities are been missed, with hardly any extra cost to them). the favouritism would not be needed.

I used to enjoy playing the visas, trying to punch above, beating bad strategists and getting gubbed by the good'uns.

All in all, even with the minor faults within the game, it still remains excellent. Just a little spoilt by ..... so few.

ps. Thx for invites, but v happy at the Rebels. Spend your gate money wisely

No probs PB. Enjoy being minted by guys who play for the tps and cash rather than hide in wait for an easier challenge. And the invites are a wee token of respect It's a shame that those who enjoy the game and play for the fun of it are overshadowed by the visa villains who have to win at all costs. A case of "he who pays the piper". We just got one of our old players back who has been in a few other (higher ranking) guilds these last couple of years and when asked why he finally took the bait and came home, it was down to lack of fun and enjoyment when surrounded by win-at-all-costs merchants. Guess SN and their acolytes wouldn't understand that .......

Stay well mate.

They do understand Sults, that's why we're always shafted in the Auction house...…. All they're saying is....if you want better players, you can always buy them...… response I look like a fucking idiot.