Does anyone want to try for a gc match up?

20/06/18 16:46
Oh, last one from us. No MB and no mass friendlies at the end so games can't be played, bith just ruin the game.

Hopefully this will work well.

Talk soon.

20/06/18 22:21
Hi dexter, my big bro has been temporarily banned from the forum for quoting someone, oh well.
He says he's looking forward to the gc (if it pits us against each other) , it should be a good challenge.
Cheeky picking yourself at level 68 as the cow but he'll stand for it.
He picked his two lowest fan rated who need stadiums filling back up, he wanted to say gogs and wasps, lol.
Hope you get lined up mate, there will be some very close matches I think. May the best guild win.
21/06/18 11:30
Search has been hit. Lets do this!!
21/06/18 11:32
21/06/18 11:35
Any takes???
21/06/18 12:09
We got matched with Entre Le Potos. Damn it!!!

Lets keep talking and trying to set this up. Not a happy chappy!!!
21/06/18 12:46
Yeah, got paired with Lions....
Meet again in 48hrs.
Start bleeding so long.
21/06/18 13:24
Yep. See you in 48.
21/06/18 21:51
Just had them. A lot didn't show up. Those who did were OK but couldn't make up for their no shows. Tbf their not the guild they used to be. Shame.
21/06/18 21:53
Ooh I'm unbanned. Nice.