Noob needs a home...

30/06/17 21:29
Intelligent, fun and active new player (week 2 season 2 league 3 20k stadium) looking for friendly active guild willing to take a punt on a rookie. I'm addicted and a quick learner but picking up the game is a nightmare with only the labyrinthine forum and minimal pidgin English game tips to help! Would prefer a guild with mixed ability levels, plenty of activity and a good slice of humour. Nationality not important as fluent in English Australian Kiwi American and even patio French (no thats not a typo!). If interested please be specific about how to enrol as I dont yet even know how to find specific people to challenge! Thanks for reading. Now back into solitary for me...
03/07/17 20:18
Try Scrummers and Ruckers. Excellent guild. Friendly and always sharing tips.
03/07/17 20:34
Agree with Scrummers & Ruckers, I cut my teeth there a while back and they were very helpful and honest with their vast knowledge
04/07/17 16:53
Thanks Shaun. Found them and they look cool, but need an invite and Im also short atm of the supporters requirement. Anyone from S And R reading this have any ideas? Do I just keep challenging and losing lol to your boss until he takes pity on me? Lol such a difficult comms system in this game!

05/07/17 23:26
Try If Carslberg did Guilds, great for development and takes all levels, great advice and encouragement too
14/12/17 20:49
Agenda 21: De Pop. Search us and play Balderdash Titans in a friendly. What is your team called so I know it is you and can invite you to join us. Cheers.
16/12/17 19:16
Hi guy, we at Academy of Dreams have space at the moment, we are a training guild so should be perfect for you with a mix of relatively new players and more experienced ones helping to teach us ways to improve our game, you don't need an invite, just click join, our only rules are we expect teams to be active with sending and requesting heal kits and to take part in all their GC matches, we also have teams from around the world so their is normally activity 24hrs a day
21/12/17 07:28
Targaryen, we set the guild to minimum 44k, so he will need an invite, or we can lower it if he is interested. Guy, we welcome guys like pun intended.
03/01/18 01:37
England 2066(International),friendly and comfortable,pls tell me your team info,so that i can understand you and you can join