Anyone understand what is Guild on Matchtype in your strategy base when setting your strat up?

19/02/19 22:22
I briefly put my main strat on guild thinking my own team only would be able to play my main strat however this aint the case so does Guild on the matchtype mean ? other guilds can play and view you that strat ? confused?
20/02/19 16:54
Working OK for me however we are going to lose the current G C because of this new update most have not got their heads around it yet & set it or even know how to set it most want to use the same strat for everything except friendly's but cant set it to do that as its not in the options & right now they are losing matches they would have won with ease before this was introduced because they cant work out how to use the line up they want .

So far I have managed to swap a auto selected strat that I started with to one I wanted mid way through a G C match I was challenged to but that's OK only if I happen to be on here when somebody challenges my team. When I can find time I think I can get the same strat onto more than one selection However the problem is so far I have found you cant deselect the pre loaded ones so unless I can come up with something MAYBE the system will override the one I want & select one of their crap ones I'm not sure if that can/will happen yet & again no guidance to tell you from cheat nitro.

I'm pretty sure there is a way around using the same strat on more than one thing without having to select all but one thing that is missing is the option to keep a strat in your locker but have it set not to ever come into play unless you change the setting. they have really made a mess of this having the option now to only use silly useless strats in friendly's has made them ointless I had a habit of trying to play 8 guild members every day so I played everybody every 3 days & I always used the same strat I could see how they were getting on & that along with the opportunity to look at their settings helped me to help new players as I could see wher they were going wrong either with strat or player settings but now I cant see any of that I could start on a diff strat every time I play them & they could also be on a different one means that now the amount of help I can give them has been reduced so much that its more or less a pointless waste of time to even try.