Guild recruiting

28/12/16 06:45
I'm a level 2 player looking to join with a guild so i can grow and learn the game better.
28/12/16 08:28
Play my team.. Whales.. we have a feeder guild for some of the best guilds in game.. once you play me i will tell the leader to add you
28/12/16 13:06
I played your team and lost can you see about your offer to get me added to the guild you are currently with

28/12/16 17:27
If you get a friendly from LUFC reserves that is my reserve team I'm not as active on that as I am on my main account but I'll help out if you wish teach the lads how to setup a team
28/12/16 18:35
done will
28/12/16 18:39
whers your other team ashley?
28/12/16 20:33
I'm just playing you now
28/12/16 20:33
Kieran is also Ashley by the way this my fake FB account