28/09/16 14:37
Hi all,

UK Elite have two spaces open for the right player

We are looking for English speaking players , must send heals and participate in guild challenges we are one of the highest legit teams not using packplayers throughout our squads with legit tactics unlike the expert cheats (got no respect for them personally Aria, gazooki and others)

so if your active want to learn how to play with fair tactics whilst getting a ton of heals every season we are the guild for you, ideally we are looking for 90+ rated lads but were open to helping people to train up e if they are willing to be active and give it a go.

if anybody is interested you can either friendly me or reply to this thread and i'll drop you the invite
30/09/16 13:24
What has happened whilst I've been away all of a sudden everybody has left the guild. Was instated as team leader this morning which i didn't really want so left the guild. I intended rejoining but didn't see it was by invitation only. If you want me back send me an invite

30/09/16 14:53
Hi Buddy.
I could not find you so I've open the guild so you can rejoin us!
30/09/16 15:34
Hi Gary sorry mate I didn't see your comment on my tablet great to have you back Yeah basically goonerjohn called it day because he hit his objective of 10,000 heals i'll probs do the same tbh. Boney just lost interest in the game with being bottom of his league and GD left for same reason as boney both got frustrated with Iranian tactics. and westham is still playing but he's joined a lesser guild in the hope of not seeing Iranian guilds so yeah a bit of replacing to do including finding a good leader which we haven't yet but just trying to repair the guild but we can just need some time.

kind regards

30/09/16 15:35
Cheers good to be back
01/10/16 12:41
Hey, lads,

Please do not give up as we need strong non-Iranian guilds like UK Elite in this game. Stick it out and stay together, lads! This game has already lost a very solid guild, Rebels, and shouldn't lose anymore.

I sincerely wish you lot the very best, and hurry back up. Good luck.

02/10/16 02:03
Thanks simpleman
07/10/16 16:20
yes i agree keep it going my new guild is slowly getting there around the 50 mark at the mo a few more month we sud b up their with u by the way wot happen to gareth?
09/10/16 15:22
hi, ashley, i am really glad u are now the leader of uk elite as u have the passion n drive.

we cannot wait for uk elite to be back up with us as 1 of the top guilds.

best wishes to all of u.
10/10/16 01:02
thanks Leigh I've been struggling for that drive of late but with some support we'll be back challenging again hopefully sooner rather than later I've just recently opened up a forum for our lads and possibly team wales if that's something your lads wanna do I did give it a mention to will whale not sure if he told ya I was thinking to combine together cos your guild and ours are probs the last two decent guilds from the UK