Team Wales

25/04/16 13:31
If you would like to join 1 of the top guilds message us on here and when a spot comes available we let you know. Just tell us where you are so we can get hold of you
30/04/16 22:47
a vacancy has come up in our guild so if interested let us know
01/05/16 01:31
Not interested; pls stop inviting me, thx
01/05/16 05:08
mkspurs :

Not interested; pls stop inviting me, thx

Hahahahaha. LOL
01/05/16 11:56
its ok cristiano he hasn't had ny invites of us and rebels don't want him either he most probably reply to this but i'll ignore it just putting u in thepicture lol.
01/05/16 15:26
our guild full again now thxs for all those that show interested but if you want to join just post on here or play 1 of us and we let u know when another spot becomes avaliable
01/05/16 17:45
ha ok, what's this then? #bullshitter
02/05/16 14:39
Sorry MK, you have burned too many bridges. I agreed with lot of your viewpoints, and you are exceptional at this game, but Taffy tries to run this guild for 24 other people, not one other person, no matter how good they are.

But you still have a lot of people who talk highly of you, and they probably have sent you an invite, that, or someone is having a joke
06/05/16 23:54
Mk left us ....thought he was a great player and asset to our guild ...but he went up and left no warning and joined team wales.....thought he wanted to taunt ye all with 6 nations

anyhow he came back under a different name then left when he told who he was ....he has no place in our guild as we look for loyalty not guild hoppers


09/05/16 15:06
thxs for the comment Mick