#Rugga Rebels

25/11/18 12:00
Congrats guys, you got us this time, now its 1 all, look forward to the decider
25/11/18 12:05
25/11/18 12:12
Agana13 has a very good strat. A few of us had a look at him.
25/11/18 13:59
Targaryen Dragons :

maybe you should ask Wit for some pointers Peanut, he pushed me a hell of a lot more than you did today

My girlfriend took the reins for the Cup game, she was extremely miffed that my 'nuts' were crushed!
I though I was in blue and when my 'You're doing great' received the 1000yd stare, I realised my mistake

True (Wit), we have 5 or 6 players at lvl 60 and under (The 'Beastie Boys') who are xcellent. My neck is cricked from looking over my shoulder. I see you've added another v good player (Machine) to your ranks.
Great Guild match, we look forward to another.
25/11/18 16:14
Well played lads. See you in a couple of weeks
02/12/18 21:35
@Targ: Kwagga will not use subs tomorrow in your champ game... Keen to play a non-sub game on your side?
02/12/18 22:13
Sure thing, thanks for letting me know.

Just logged in and got excited that I had loads of gc def's as I had 6 missed matches, just to find it was just a rr friendly bomb
03/12/18 00:42
haha happens to me sometimes too..

Great, good luck for tomorrow’s game! I have my VIP ticket for your championship game against Kwagga
03/12/18 12:10
Congrats for your win Targ! Nice game.
Kwagga is getting ready for the silver now...
04/12/18 08:53
Cheers mate, I can relax for the rest of the season now