16/06/20 04:10
This place really died with no Pimps to hate on Lmao Funny Alpha doesn't get the same treatment but they are still new in Pimp years at being top dawg.
I'll start.... Booooo Alpha! LOL And the invite to your mini guild was kind of insulting, especially when you keep Browns in your main guild.... Pfft
16/06/20 05:58
Speaking of their mini guild Jammin...did you notice that they invited the cancer that is don the douche to join them? LMMFAO!!!!
16/06/20 23:08
21/06/20 13:44
Well Jammin you can invite don to your guild to liven things up and keep everybody posted on how that goes with updates in the forum
26/06/20 01:32
Uummm…. I'm all good Lol

Booooo Alpha Hahahahahaa