Can you just give a straight answer sublinet admins?

07/10/16 16:37
Every other sublinet game has guild challenges and I'm getting a bit bored of waiting for something that I feel will never happen and I'm not the only one. I just want 1 simple question answering when will the guild challenges be running, or is that to hard for you answer? You don't have to pinpoint a date but a month, two how long will I be waiting for? it's just frustrating and a lot of players are going from active to inactive because of the long delay.
10/10/16 10:13
Hi Ashley, we can't really give an ETA, we will assess the game's progress and the community's growth rate and enabled guild challenges when the time is right. We're leaving time for the guilds to grow and people to learn the game before launching the challenges.
10/10/16 14:49
Thankyou apologies if I came across as rude.
04/11/16 14:58
they need to make more alts lolol
19/06/17 01:34
No complaints here! Enjoying as I/team progress.