Strategy Building

20/09/16 18:21
So it says that when you upgrade you gets a stars bonus. I don't understand this as when I add new players to my team there star level stays the same. So what exactly does upgrading the strategy building acheive? I see that at end build we have the ability to have 3 strategy buildings so there must be some further advantage. Could you please explain what the strategy building does or how it effects our players?
20/09/16 18:27
would love to get a better understanding of this myself
26/09/16 12:07
The bonus is only applied during a game so indeed it's not visible.
19/06/17 01:38
Just added 2nd Strategy bldg myself - can't wait to see result, so Foe #5 has a thing coming tonite! ..
19/06/17 05:29
Going to max out the first before setting up the second. Should see a fair jump in performance.
19/06/17 15:08
A single upgrade makes virtually no difference to your team. 3 maxed out strat centres makes a hell of a difference
02/07/17 23:09
The way I've always read it is that it boosts your stats by the % listed. So if you have 80 speed and you have a strategy boost of 5%, you effectively have a player with 84 speed.

This seems to be consistent with the teams I'm able to beat when looking at the differential between their stats, my stats, and the difference in strategy skill boost.
20/07/17 23:37
If you have an average 100* team (after the sport's shop), with three strats buildings each at 5%, then your team will play like a 115* team.