Strategy Management During Gameplay

01/09/19 15:05
Hey fellas, got a question about in-match management... - without setting up multiple strategies, and even if so, considering that matches only last about 3 minutes, how long does it take for the game engine to identify a change in either a particular percentage level change, or an entire strat change in order to nullify penalties given away due to ruck, scrum or hand-off aggressiveness?... - I'm assuming at the next breakdown in play like a substitute on the fly, but it's hard to tell when dropping your aggressiveness and by the time you adjust it accordingly that match is basically over. - For this fact I would love to see the in-game time ratio of approx 3 mins per 80 mins extended to maybe 6 mins per 80 mins so you atleast have time to gauge where adjustments are applicable instead of just guessing in a hurry or dropping it too far in one hit in the hope you'll even things up before you've had 15 points put on in penalty kicks... - It seemed better to atleast see your oponnents individual strats so you had half an idea of how they'll play, and if they're smart they'll skew that with their main strat which was never revealed anyways... Watching their recent games and looking at their player stats gives a lot of info but not enough about their style of play regarding aggressiveness...
01/09/19 18:59
one game tick, then when the ball goes out
around 5 seconds and a break in play