Thank you for ruining a great game

26/01/19 10:22
This game used to be fun as hell, but these last few months all the fun has gone away and turned into frustration. What a load of crock if you ask me. Friendlies mean jack shit in this game. You work on strats and play friendlies and actually beat top 10 players just to play a competitive game and get smashed by 50 points. Why do you have friendlies then? take them away and let's then just play competitive games every day. Working out strats in friendlies doesn't help at all so why are they there.

I'm retiring because of the inconsistency in the game. I don't have time to build strats every day and after every champs game. To those of you who have the time, congrats and enjoy. This game is dying slowly but surely, soon this game will be played by a bunch of level 1-20's because they haven't figured out how they are getting screwed by the developers.

Enjoy everyone and good luck to you all
29/01/19 01:08
I stopped playing friendly matches a while ago, waste of my time and nothing was gained. Also you'll find a lot of top league teams will make a 2nd team and friendly you in a match to try and sus you out. Very sad.

Problem you find on this game is so many people clearly have way too much time on their hands, use dirty tactics and have devs in their guild.

I decided to drop out of the top league this season as I don't want to be around match fixers if I can help it.

As you say, this game will die. There's better football manager games out there which can't be abused like this game and I can only hope they do a rugby version of them.

31/01/19 00:31
I've also had the other dirty trick of Guest members of the same guild as my league opponent challenge me to try to make not suspect a thing so now when I can I leave offline fake settings on for them to enjoy winning to so they're just wasting there own time
31/01/19 22:36
I understand you played better with the fake setting applied.
04/02/19 20:59
Peanut Butta :

I understand you played better with the fake setting applied.

Glad to see you're still on top form PB. The guests must have been desperate for games if they played Prongs to suss him out. He's soooo transparent.