Rank on your own level?

09/08/18 05:36
Gents. Is their anyway to see where you rank out of all the teams on your own level? Thanks.
09/08/18 06:26
I'm afraid not, would be nice though
09/08/18 06:28
Sure its easy if u pay for platinum membership its just 19.99 per month, i can see your currently ranked 4,523rd at your level Oh and if u pay for the first 3 months now you will get yourself a band new set of steak knives
09/08/18 06:29
But wait there's more....
09/08/18 11:54
Can these knives be used for things other then stake?
09/08/18 12:49
Of course these knives can be used for steak, and that's what is behind door number one, you get a free 16 oz kc strip steak every month delivered to your home wrapped in meat tenderizing socks. But that's not all
10/08/18 22:08
For the first 100 callers we will give you a 2nd set of steak knives for free which u can use or give away to someone else
10/08/18 22:39
As the first caller, I claim my 2nd set of steak knives. My performance in all competions this season would suggest that they would be best used to commit seppuku. Fortunately (at least for me) it is a Friday night and I have zero chance of hitting a brick wall, never mind myself.
11/08/18 21:52
I've paid for these knives and nothing has turned up!
12/08/18 01:03
Melbourne Storm :

I've paid for these knives and nothing has turned up!

We dont deliver, they are at my house awaiting your arrival