New update is a screw up

19/02/19 21:04

Look at your players recovery speed they have messed up my main teams recovery time has dropped from 26+ to 4 as always they change something & mess something else up..

I know I am not alone already there are two more who have said the same thing on chat in my guild. while I have masses of heals so I can cover the screw up one of them has used his entire supply & is still going to have to play tonight with a team only in the 70's
19/02/19 21:14
I was about to post the same thing why cant they EVER get something right
20/02/19 00:41
Looks like its happened to everybody
20/02/19 08:57
Same here started an 8 hour session last night expecting my players to be at 100% for this mornings match but had to use 53 heals to get them there can't these spastics who run this game ever get anything right
20/02/19 12:29
I put in a ticket about this I just got a reply as follows

Good day,

This is just a visual problem that will be corrected in a few hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Football Champions 2 support team


I don't get the Visual bit they simply did not recover at the previous rate of over 26 they only recovered @ 4 so how the hell was it just a visual problem.

That just makes me feel like a mushroom kept in the dark & fed a load of bull****
20/02/19 15:06
I just found I got the same reply totally agree it was/is not just a visual problem after 9 hours most of my players had not even got to a 20 point recovery that reply is utter bollocks.
26/02/19 09:48
These people are total morons I just tried switching strat during a match it would not have it what kind of idiot thought that one up
02/03/19 09:02
I have been looking at this new sports shop thing I don't know what others think but I suspect its just a con in the end you will need Gold Balls if you want 3* items & the only way you will get enough gold balls is to spend.

I may be wrong but I suspect this is another attempt to force all to pay to play
02/03/19 10:22
i genuinely believe in football the sports shop is a waste of time because I've got more than 1 team i've expirimented and had accounts on gear and not on gear in the same season and I've never done well with gear on so I've stopped buying it I just think whats the point in throwing your money down the toilet if your not going to make it back cos game will just make you lose if you purchase any?
03/03/19 07:24
Next season I'm thinking of trying Shin pads & Boots only to see how it goes