New Update

07/03/19 00:56
So I'd like to know the meaning of Match Simulation? Does that mean Friendly matches or does it pertains to all match types? This Intensity parameter is screwing my guildmates up.
07/03/19 10:36
Are you sure that the intensity parameter is already live? I don't think so... So... If you ask me... it's not the parameter what screws your guildmates up.
07/03/19 12:00
They need to start sending a notice off when they make changes.... I must have got like 10 people asking me what setting fixes the hb running out of speed on long runs
07/03/19 21:30
Everyone in my guild is scrambling around trying to find the settings that works again.
08/03/19 11:35
I think that's great. The game was completely screwed up before they finally fixed it. I would prefer finding new settings over weeks than 11 KR's for TD in a game
08/03/19 19:51
it was fine before they tossed in the first patch....

I am glad they got some def in... But come on what HB runs down the field then slows so bad a def catcheds him form 20 yards back... Hitting him at full speed at that and causing turnover some of the time...

no that is not how you fix a def.. but stopping a hb cold...
07/04/19 21:28
Education from LVO
07/04/19 21:29
What a whinner
07/04/19 21:30
Or is that wiener
07/04/19 22:57
dude there are like 40 other post you missed.. get your lazy ass moving already,,,,

I know your slow .. just have to watch your team play to know that..