Played 3 Seasons now looking for a fun/helpful Guild

30/03/17 00:02
Ashley Longthorn :

If you choose to be a rhino then I will share you my latest tactics having just recently revamped my tactics and doing very well now and for anyone who joins i'm willing to share

Hi Ashley..... how do I get hold of these tactics please
30/03/17 11:02
Thanks Gerry will be good to see you in rhinos
30/03/17 11:12
Are you a rhino yet if so what team are you ?
30/03/17 11:54
Hi Ashley

Yes I have signed up and am the Chadderton Sharks
30/03/17 12:00
brilliant I'll be setting up a page as soon as we have enough members to run a GC but will be down tonight to tell you my exact tactics