Event idea

23/04/18 18:11
Hey Devs and devoted flickers I have an idea for an event which could be fun but as a layman I don't know if it's easily implemented so here it is.
A world league where you take a player from every country of similar trophy status and put them into a league like the current league system but everybody starts on zero trophies and competes for chests like usual or card or whatever.
Also like the European event each finishing position gives points for that country and bonus awards are given to the top 3-5
Thoughts ?
24/04/18 10:55
I understand your idea but I think there's not enough high level players for each country atm to implent a such thing !
The Frenchies/Iranians specifically but also English/German/Spanish would probably easily dominate the event as we're for the moment clearly above of the "new wave" of players that arrived on the official release.

Even about the "similar trophy status", there's a lot of countries in which they wouldnt have enough players to fill up many leagues.

But indeed a World Event would be smth real good and enjoyable
26/04/18 12:12
World event is planned in a few weeks time