few suggestions

22/04/18 22:26
First of all, thank you for your good work, and thanks for this really awesome game. Yet, I’d like to make a few comments and suggestions because i think it could still be improved. I’ve posted in the french section as well but i wanted to share these ideas with everyone. Given your exellent work so far, I assume that you guys may have already considered most of the following ideas, but here it is anyway :

1) Guild Fragments are getting super rare. I think you guys shouldn’t leave it in this weird shortage situation and pick a side : either system of card upgrades by guild fragments donation is considered legit, in which case fair quantities of fragments have to be available (like they used to) for all the player, OR screw this system and then get rid of the fragment. But keeping the system up and making your players fragment hungry for no reason is just not cool, come on ! Imo this donation system is an interesting part of the game, but if you guys were to delete it, it’ll be cool to find something else that could indicate the recent activity of a player.

2) The guild system and the general possibilities of interraction between players can be significantly improved. Here are a few suggestions :

_ possibility to send friend requests from player profile, and possibility of sending an only in-game friend request, displayed at the end of the game (same time as the crowns) so players can accept or refuse it then. With that should go some sort of system allowing player to see who’s online, chat, and of course play together in friendly games.

_ It is currently impossible to comunicate outside of a guild. Meaning that players from different guilds can’t interract with eachother, same problem guilds to guilds, and I think it’s a bit of a pitty. Messages should be able to be sent to guilds and, ideally, there should exist a way to self-organise guild vs guild sort of games.

_ The guilds menu can be improved too : trying to find new players for your guild sucks in France as there are only 20 recomended guilds without manual searching, and as the top FR players and guilds is mostly filled with afks. I suggest that all the existing guilds can be consulted in a dedicated thumbnail, where they could be sorted by different characteristics to make the research effective.

_Guild’s quest system is nice, i really like it. I just think it shouldn’t be only about « getting wins with this card » so you can « get lvl+1 on this card ». It would be great to gather the players around trying to get collective rewards, maybe chests, gems, golds, whatever. Btw, want my opinion on quests based around fragment giving in the current situation ? Guess it from 1)

3 ) The key point : Fact that trophies are earned or lost via games against players matched according to their amount of trophies with the « FIGHT » button is very good. It makes everyone wanna be a champ and try hard and spend money in the shop, so i guess it’s good for you guys and for the game itself. Plus the game menu is very clear and looks good.
But i still think the game needs an alternative to the only « FIGHT » button. I say it needs a « PRACTICE » button with :
_randomly matched (guild mates included) or chosen from friendlist opponent , no trophies involved.
_different modes available like : lvl1 / mirror / queen battle (lvl1) / or some extra funny stuffs
_ nothing to win or lose, just ffa gaming

and here’s why :
It would be a way for anyone to play anyone, but outside of events. It could also make it easier to match players when you really wanna play : for instance, from a certain amount of trophies, it ain’t so rare that you have to wait A LONG TIME before you match a player you can play against, and sometimes you just keep repeatedly playing the same two/three players. And bots are over cheated and not so fun to play anyway. Just so everyone plays the events , mirror practice and queen battle practice could be disabled while the events are available.

Honestly, with the only choice of the « fight » button, the game is totally missing something : it is in the game’s best interest to be accessible to the most, right ? With these features, the game is playable immediately, even with rookie friends you just recomended it to.

So far, the level difference makes it impossible to play with a friend who just got started, or just hasen’t played as long as you have. (it is technically possible though, if you happen to be in the same guild, but it would still totally suck). Also, i’d like to ephasize the fact that a lot of people could potentially love the game but ain’t down for « stuffs with levels » and whatnot, because of the time and motivation it requires.
That’s why the features of the « PRACTICE » button ABSOLUTELY need to be available between friends (as for players that have added eachother in their friendlist) !! Imagine how many people would dig the shit out of lvl1 battles, for real !!!
If you were to decide to keep the fragments sytem, you could then fix like a 10 fragments price for a friendly game with a friend, if you’re afraid that people would over play these modes, and at the same time, make these damn fragments usefull for something more.

4) New game modes & friendly games : we thought with a friend of funny modes that could possibly be played against random players, with friends or between guild members that we wanted to share (and that could even be some sort of inspiration for new events ) :

_ A soccer like mode in which the aime would be to throw a ball (let’s say something the size of shaman minion) in the opponent’s goal. Up for you to decide whether all cards can be picked and if there should be a goalkeeper.

_ « thor arena » mode : Actually there ain’t no thor in this, he is just drawn on the pitch. For exemple, it could be play with a legionary and two 8ball for each player, no damage in this mode. Either the first fighter to cross the middle line carries the spark on it (just like when thor touches an oponent in the regular game), either it’s randomly given to one of the characters on the pitch at the begining of the round. Then when the one holding the spark touches another character, he gives it to him and so on. The last one hodling it at the end of the round gets hit by the spark and dies. The first player who’s out of characters has lost.

_ There could be a bonus mode with a lot of boosts (meltdown cave style) randomly popping on the pitch : atk boosts, def boosts, mario kart style few second lasting imortal star, boost making the projectiles hitting the character not harm it but heal it, boost that enhances the way others touching it would bounce, stealth mode boost… anything goes !

5) Some caracters are clearly over-used, and now exists a meta game that you just can’t ignore if you’re gonna try to win. It kinda makes the game lose its diversity and it can get proper anoying sometimes.
And for that…. WE NEED MORE MAPS !!! Express your talent and realease new maps, i know they’ll rock.
I thought of a map where new obstacles displayed differently would replace the previous ones every round (like walls or blocks or whatever), maybe you’ll like the idea.

6) Trophies : I understand that events are designed so the new players have an adventage and get nice rewards, no prob. But then the good old players feel like they’re not considered Some may even try and lose a lot of trophies so they could make it easily. It takes a long time and it’s annoying for them and those they play against while they do it. Maybe trophies could be exchanged for gold or someting ?
I think it’s a burden to the game but I’m afraid i ain’t got no suitable option to suggest….

7) Leagues : After the last big update, leagues where only composed of 6 players. It was the absolute bomb !! In diamond league, the same few super-elite players always get the big ass rewards, and thus end up even more ahead of the others than they already were. It’s discouraging that even making great progress there is no way you’ll get a nice reward at the end of a league that, btw, lasts for a whoooooole week. So in this perspective, just so there’s more challenge and that everyone gets more fun in the process, more leagues with a reduced amount of players in each would be absolutely great, everyone would have a chance at the big fat chest and, worst case scenario, keep hope for the next week

8) It has probably be mentionned a million times, sorry if it has but it has to be said again !
Replays !!! Since we know they are saved somewhere (cause we can watch them days after the games happened), how come they can’t be downloaded ?! If you think people would abuse this function, then it doesn’t have to be free. I’ll totally pay a few gems, gold, or even fragments (hem again ? =P) to be able to save a replay.

Besides, what’s absolutely crucial is to equip the replays with controls like pause, slide bar reader and so on !! having to watch the entire game over just so you can see one specific shot at the very end is just absolute non-sense, please, rescue us miserable players.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and add your own suggestions, i’d love to hear what the other players think.
22/04/18 23:15
I quote everything!
Very good job.
Global Chat beetween players and pvt messagges.. more Maps, more game mode.. yes
Also, i suggest ally trophy! Like war between allies.
And a list of players that wanna join the ally, and they send request. Comander can let ghetto enjoiy looking at the list.
23/04/18 08:01
@(UE) simodocet : I believe that requests from players who want to apply to a guild is happening in the next update.
What do you mean by "ally trophy" ? To be able to play against guildmates ? Because that can't happen.

As for chis, as I say in the french forum, really good job. Hope one day it will happen...
23/04/18 17:50
Great ideas would love some to implemented soon
I think we all agree that a world chat system is a must and new maps would be great ! Although I'm sure this is already in he works for the release of the Voltz and cyclo
23/04/18 17:50
Great ideas would love some to implemented soon
I think we all agree that a world chat system is a must and new maps would be great ! Although I'm sure this is already in he works for the release of the Voltz and cyclo
23/04/18 17:50
Sorry for the double post lol
26/04/18 12:16
Hi Chris, thanks for your suggestions! Some of them will be added soon. We indeed plan on adding more maps and fun features, so stay tuned