Cannot access match history

26/03/17 05:10

I'm unable to view any stats & play histories from any of the previous matches.
Please have it fixed, thanks guys!
26/03/17 15:01
Hi CantWait.

Couple of questions:
1. What platform are you trying to access this from? (Android, iOS, Facebook, Website)
2. What error do you get when you try to view your previous games?
3. When did this problem start?
26/03/17 20:56
It's because he played me, I embedded a virus in my players to infect his team! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!
29/03/17 01:13
Hi Q,
Apologize for late response. The problem has resolved itself after a day or so. Tech guys might have to do with it as I have also sent in a ticket.

Thanks for your help Q, always appreciate it!
29/03/17 01:16
Ryan, what are your teams' names, or just one?
29/03/17 02:49
Just one, never bothered to change my forum name, but you should be able to guess now.