Springbok Army senior recruit.

01/06/20 10:07
We are looking for two lvl 106 or above to join us at Springbok Army. We are a super active guild with 99% of our members avg 500+ kits per season. We had 10 top 3 finishes last season and we should break into the top 10 next season. Come help us to become a top 10 guild.
Play a friendly against Scopa to receive an invite.
02/06/20 07:20
i will join if you want me to
02/06/20 22:36
Sure thanks Crushed. Play me a friendly I'll send you an invitation.
03/06/20 05:29
i am not good enough though
03/06/20 09:29
Hi Crushed
Sorry buddy, you are a lil lite for us. Please join our sister guild Springbok Rugby Managers. You'll feel right at home there. It's a good active bunch that's bread some greats. When you're ready we'll call you up to the main guild.
04/06/20 06:02
ok, do they do good promotions?
04/06/20 06:05
i have joined em, a bit inactive
04/06/20 17:48

i have joined em, a bit inactive

Valhalla have a guild for every level, they are active, give great support and focus on growing every team who joins.
More than that we are nice guys who are in the game for the fun.
WhatsApp is essential.
05/06/20 06:07
you stealing?
05/06/20 13:04
Not stealing, good helpful advice. Go and learn the game under Valhalla. They have been around for a long time and they are always a force to be reckoned with. You will do well to join them.