KotJ Rugga Rebels. Holiday Mode!

01/10/18 19:30
Hey dude. Yes very well played :). We are still rebuilding. Digitally we couldn't beat yr 400 star guy as a bridge too far. You played me when I was fast asleep for again 6 am real life training lol. Excellent win :). I see u sent Peanut in to test the waters :). I missed a chance to play Gazelles a 2nd time but I'm sure I wld have got my azzzz handed to me. Very gd challenge - send my regards to yr guild
01/10/18 21:32
yes... we knew you none of you could beat him..
I was out the whole day.. Sunday, fun day.. Played my games when I came back. Peanut B was the secret spy...
Both of us were assessing who I should challenge.. We didn t know if you were online/offline, as all of you had the energy level at 100% lol

I was also lucky that Glasgow Rebels was offline when I challenged him (his team is damn good). It s funny because it s the only moment he was offline.. few teammates did couple of friendlies against him an hour before and he was subbing... Peanut B, did a friendly 20 min after my game and Glasgow was online as he subbed again... I really thought he would be online when i launched the game.

But your gc strategy was really good.
We look forward to playing against you soon for a re-match!
Regards to your guild...
02/10/18 14:05
congrats mate, you and peanut completely have my number
02/10/18 14:20
Targaryen Dragons :

congrats mate, you and peanut completely have my number

Thanks mate! Nice game! I was a bit stressed when I saw you moved your strat few minutes before the game...
I knew it would then be a strong fight with subs...
But I had strict instructions from the guild to win this game.. as we had to show you that if you want to win the gold, you have to join our guild.... lol... We are waiting for you to join...