Top rated guild leader

08/07/18 20:26
With all this talk of top players and guilds it got me thinking who is the greatest leader. I've been in many guilds over the years and in my opinion there is one stand out candidate. His dedication to the game, maticulous planning and top man management sets him apart. Although not at present his guild has arguably been the strongest in the game for most of the last three years. Many of the games best players have played under him and I'm sure they'll all agree with my choice of Captain Skids.
08/07/18 20:39
I've been told that skids gets all his good ideas from Ruckley
08/07/18 21:59
Captain skids is a true legend. His guild management skills are off the scale. No one else is anywhere near him. But best to like a curry....
08/07/18 22:32
He's an inspiration to us all. It's like having a guild leader with all the skills of Jossy Blair (Jossys Giants) and Geoff (Byker Grove) rolled into one. Apart from his absence on Tuesday nights you really can't fault the fella.
08/07/18 22:39
Are u still on that bus no 68 lad or do u own a car yet?
09/07/18 19:09
I'm a tad stuck yes
09/07/18 23:32
Lol fair play u should beat Croatia - modric is world class though. I'm sure your set piece play will probably unlock their defence in the first half. Gd luck