Replacing Retired Players

31/08/17 16:29
Apologies if this is a topic which has previously been brought up on here. Am I correct in understanding that when players retire, you will need to replace them with players purchased from the auction house?
31/08/17 17:54
The retired player will automatically get replaced by a substitute player post by post. In the case you've only 15players in your team, the retired player will get replaced by a 6 stars new player. Then you'll need to purchase a new one.
31/08/17 18:28
I'm assuming those players are 18 years old with randomised training and recover speeds?
31/08/17 19:11
hmm i think they have like 30years old. I allways have more than 22 players so i'm not sure about that.
01/09/17 01:28
They are 30 to prevent them from being worth as much in the ah. Some people would spend good rp to buy a 18 yo 6* player
01/09/17 06:46
If you have only got 15 players before retirement then you have got a problem given the impact of substitutions in the game. In the past it did occasionally generate younger 6* by continually dismissing the replacements but it was not very often. Not tried it in a long time so not sure if still the case.
01/09/17 17:52
Does this in essence result in crazy bidding wars for younger talent higher up the leagues? With the few generated youngsters going for silly prices for to desperate teams
01/09/17 18:25
Selling a young player in the top levels for over 100 000 RP is a daily occurrence...
01/09/17 18:49
And selling a 6* 30 year old can pull in between 400rp-5krp.