How opponent's guild strength is choosing? What parameter?

14/08/17 15:57
My guild is playing constantly with guilds which are much stronger than mine. For example now we are playing with guild who has noone lower than 35 level. We have several teams with 18-26 levels.
The opponent guild has 3500000 fans. We have 2500000.
And the same was with previous GVG. And almost the same with previous 5 gvg.
When I was in other guild sometimes we had much stronger opponents but not like this.
Our guild name is Ireland Universe.
14/08/17 16:35
In the past we had been given the equation for gvg which is plus or minus 20% of the larger guild. However, in the past few months there have been an increasing number of matchups that don't seem to add up correctly.
14/08/17 16:42
It's based on average fans, not total fans, so if you have fewer members, you may still be in scope.
14/08/17 19:58
Please see: our guild is Ireland Universe and opponents guild is Raven Dawn. We have 10 teams with more than 120000 fans. They have 18!!!
14/08/17 20:26
Ireland universe, 19 members with 2,544,370 fans for an avg of 133,914 fans per
Raven dawn, 25 members with 3,530,020 fans for an avg of 134,001 fans per.

Almost a perfect matchup. If you are getting guilds too good for you the issue may be you have developed your stadiums to far.
14/08/17 21:39
Thanks, understood now
13/09/17 19:50
Please check , our guikd is Ireland Universe and our opponents are Ta Chatte. We on different planetes! Is it a bug?
13/09/17 20:14
Guest DPY71D :

Please check , our guikd is Ireland Universe and our opponents are Ta Chatte. We on different planetes! Is it a bug?

I cannot find the guild you are facing, however I looked at the last guild you challenged.

In that case your average number of fans was 142076, and if your opposition 120871. Approximately 18% difference, within the expected
13/09/17 22:45
The formula is total number fans in the guild divided guild members as a base; your opposition can be .67 to 1.5 of that total.

So if you have 25 members in your guild and a total of 2.5 Million fans; your base total would be 100,000 and thus you could meet anyone who's base total is 66,667 to 150,000.
14/09/17 14:55
Our opponents has 3177000 fans from 17 members!!!! So the base is 186000!!!!
The name is Ta Chatte // recrute //
We have 3010000 from 21 members. The base is 143000.
Do you really think it is worth playing with them??? Earlier it was said here that the difference can be max 20%.
They have 10 teams from 45 to 51 level. And we have max only one team from 44
If it is not a bug than tbe game needs some changes!