Game down?

21/01/17 01:58
Is the game down?
21/01/17 04:41
It is for me. No updates about it either
21/01/17 05:29
Same here. Unable to log in
21/01/17 07:14
I havent seen anywhere whether its an update or problems with the servers so I guess well just have to wait until somebody from sublinet tells us.
21/01/17 07:28
It's been down for about 6 hours now.
21/01/17 09:00
Let's hope that the mother of all upgrades is on route
21/01/17 09:24
Cannot help further but I have sent message to my admin contact ( currently offline!) in an effort to establish what is wrong / happening.

Update - he has sent SMS message to developers. watch this space ! Remember guys - it is the weekend!
21/01/17 09:54

Well it was
21/01/17 09:58
Up momentarily then crashed again.
21/01/17 10:16
Couldn't get on for the championship match, but looks like my opponent did (he used his subs bench). Strange.