Please fix this RUBBISH!!!!!!

05/08/17 21:23
All good bud. I think the scoreline of the game where we both subbed flatters me a bit. You have a great team.
05/08/17 21:26
Thanks and thoroughly enjoyed all the games. I spotted where I went wrong and you went right. Was a few player settings I had adjusted for another team I played. No excuses though, you won fair and square and probably would 9/10...for now
05/08/17 21:32
I'm counting on you making a comeback lol. Play me any time bud. Thanks for the friendlies
05/08/17 22:17
Likewise my friend, play me any time and I promise not to use subs against you when we play if you do the same? Then it is mano vs mano
09/03/18 17:28
Graham Hardy :

I am sick and tired of being beaten by teams way below me in rating, recently in the Championship match, I played TOMFANA, his rating 90.67, my rating 118.48, the match was won by this lesser team, 21-10, I played this same team 13 friendly matches in a row, I won ever single match, the totals scores for the 13 matches was 405-0, yes this team didn't manage to score a single point against my team.
This MATCH BONUS system is absolutely ridiculous, I am on the verge of leaving the game, fix this, I don't spend money and a lot of time to lose matches to this stupid system.
GET RID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know that the star rating doesn't really mean much, right? It's more about the league. I routinely beat higher rated teams, in higher leagues, purely because they haven't maxed out the right areas of their players - i.e. they could get penetration strength of 280, but auto-train, and end up with penetration strength of 220, the maximum level of someone 6 leagues below them