Dodgy results

02/03/18 11:41
Ashley Longthorn :

In other words if you don't cheat you can't compete the effects of sports gear and MB are so great if you can't afford to use it every game you might as well kick to the 13 and it's not how I wish to play the game hence I no longer train players I no longer buy players and only play GC and odd tournie when I feel like entering one but this game aint a a rugby game it's a cheating game and I don't mind using the term cos thats what it is. Yes I have the same powers as everyone else but nobody in real life uses MB's and sports gear and some of us like playing fair and straight up even against pack players be nice to see it happen oneday but doubt it ever will.

Ashley Longprong, you needle's stuck. You have droned forever about what's wrong with the game and repeatedly promised to leave when one thing or another has happened. Time to move on: man up and take it on the chin, or honour your intentions. Adios!