Name change and upgrades change

So, first of all my team name changed from Jossy's Giants to new England patriots without me requesting the change. And now.... I was about 11 hours away from my 3rd strategy building being upgraded to lvl 17 and its changed the upgrade to Sports Shop! I thought maybe it had completed the strat building but no! Thats still lvl 16. Theres a serious bug there folks, and no point raising a ticket as the reply i got when i raised one for the name change was ' only you can change your team name'. Well guess what, youre wrong cos i didnt request it! Anyone else having a similar issue?
Almost sounds like you got hacked. Never heard of a name change the player didn't do. Did you notice missing gold balls after the switch?
I didnt notice gb amoubt tbh, but further randomness...i opened sports shop to find id already bought the available equipment. Then i noticed a run play in a folder named ' shooty' which i didnt design. And then finally i ' left' a tourney without actually leaving it! Ticket raised as dodgy stuff def happening.
It really sounds like someone has access to your account. Change your password to start.
Yeah, i'd already changed my password. I was using my Kindle so i created an email login account and support have transferred my team to that account so hopefully thats sorted. However, this is where it gets weird...
I then reinstalled the app, loaded it up...and there was an established team already there that i didnt set up. They even played a friendly game while I wad watching! So I checked all my amazon devices, nothing new or suspicious there, my log in details are used for my new how is that team linked to my kindle?!?!
When i now log into my team on my kindle I have another, completely different team. I now have literally no clue whats going on.
That is nuts!!
See if you can track the bug or hacker down!