Bring a guild back to the top

Hey guys

I have recently started again our Patriots fan guild that used to be in the top 500 guilds! Everyone was inactive so deleted everyone and created myself a new account...

Would be very glad for active good players to join and lead it back to the top! Great players are welcomed with their experience

Guild name is : Touchdown Patriots... If u have suggestion for another name pls lmk

Deflate our balls?


good luck!
Join outsider or bout that action. We love to have you. Very established guild that has had plenty of number 1 teams. Have a lower guild spot to fill. If u would prefer to join a guild we got u!!! If not see u out there! And have fun. Teach new members. Beat way to keep ur guild active is keep them good. Let them know how to play. Enjoy!!!
Good luck to you...not easy climbing back up.
Z-Nation Militia
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Randy Young :

Deflate our balls?


good luck!

Deflate these balls. You're happy to play with this Pats Fan
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