any interest in a cross guild, custom holiday tournament?

we have had some talks recently about trying one of these bigger custom tourneys and wanted to see if there was any interest out there.

Let me know, I am about to start a reg tournament, so if I do run this, it wouldn't start until closer to Christmas.

My team is shit but I'm in if you get one started.
I'm in

I know that this won't happen but it would be nice if the devs offer a reward. 15 gold balls for the winner lol. Not a big reward but a community event like that should be honored. Again that won't happen but it would be nice.

Thanks maddogs for the idea and your input
I thought you got coins for wins... maybe not 15. haha.

OK glad we have some interest. I just got a regular tourney to start. we will see if I make it to the finals or not, so a few days out so we have time to prepare.

Oh and I fully know I PROBABLY won't win. I play you guys a lot it seems. rarely actually win. so I'm just organizing it to add a little something different.

BTW... thanks for the ego check today. lol. whenever I'm playing good we draw you guys. but always a fun battle for us.

I'll keep you guys in the loop. get the word out.
This game had at one time custom 32 team tourneys where you needed a code to enter it. Not sure what happened to that option?
the option for custom tourneys is there (when not in a tourney, you can see it). I saw it yesterday before I joined the current tournament I just haven't tried clicking it that button in a while. I will check it out once I get bounced from or win this one I am in currently. just keep it on the radar maybe week between Christmas and new years?
Ah OK. I have never seen that option. Have to keep my eyes open. Semi final atm

I think that shouldn't all about winning. For me it's mainly fun
I have seen the custom tournament option now. You can choose up to 32
sweet. we might need it. We have teams interested, I have seen interest from Empire and have a comment out to The Bar. we will see if they are interested too. 32 teams might fill up quick.

Thanks for the interest. this should be fun.
OK. I have an "official" post in the discussion area where I will put the code and any details, called "The Maddogs' Holiday OpenTournament of Fun" so we can get everyone organized in the same thread.