Hello guys,

The game was just updated with the current patchnotes:
- Bug fix on the strategy selected during a match that were ignored
- New strategy examples (to make a run or a pass)
- 2 points conversions added
- It's now possible to setup the distance for fieldgoals (on the strategy settings)
- New quarter strategy setting (for example to try 2 points conversions when loosing on the 4th quarter)
- Some statistics modified at the end of a match
- Some words changed

Have fun!

The Touchdown manager team
hey guys I deleted the new run and pass folders and made my own.. seems the run and pass are coming back lol..

BTW LOVE the additions!

Hello everyone,

New patchnotes:
- You can send private message to guild members
- It's now possible to heal all the players at once in the infirmary
- Match bonus impact will decrease with league level (+50% for level 1, +49% for level 2, +48% for level 3 etc)

Have fun!
you might want to consider doing something more with tournys no one is playing them in higher ranks don't know why ranking is a joke game is beginning to slowly get away from you guys better take the time to fix these issues before people change to something else
Yeah even our guild is becoming a deadzone and were second highest on the game as I've already mentioned unless significant improvements are made sharpish I will be finding another game to play one where the developers actually listen to the people.
I was hoping to see a description of the newest update 6.5. What is "New match and strategy balancing"? and what is "Less randomness in matches"? I have seen some things change a bit over the last week or so.
Your new patch 6.94 has disabled the game.
The only reason I can log that my Android mobile device is running the old 6.72 version.
Please roll back the update...or fix the current one.