msg for new an active

hi Gogs opened up space for ya or someone else to join rebels after booting our most innactive player .

taking on anyone any level interested in progression and learning tactics which i can very much teach . 3 accounts on the game main one being level 57 gauranteed tactics to get you double promotions nearly every season right up to about level 40 providing you buy the right calbre players from your ah
Cheers, I tried to accept but have been in 2 boring guilds in the last 24 hours, will be with you soon
cool hopefully your gunna find us a bit more fun we have players from mainly UK based but we do have players from Austrailia , NZ and south Africa,

The guild consists of players from world elite , Mighty Morpin and what used to be friends . we also have some of club wembley's members I myself is mainly active after 6 due to work commitments but I do send over 200 heal a season still usually as do alot of the team my biggest heal sender sent just short of 800 heals. I share tactics via email , have our own FB group with links to other leading guilds and if you do wanna whatsapp me I'm very happy to share stuff via that as well . Currently got some new level 1's were training as well so you'll have someone to compare your team with .