UNFAIR guild challenge match ups

Question: are the clowns who run this game drunk when they set up unfair challenges. A top15 team with 4.4 million fans playing a guild that's in mid 120's with 2.2 million fans. Top 15 guild has all teams level 47 to level 52. Other guild highest is level 38... WHY ?... Do the Admin clowns read any of our questions ?. And top 15 guild is Irani guild = usual story ! Had a gut full of the favouritism that happens ! So ADMIN try to explain this, please.
The formula used is that you can play any guild, whose average fan base (total divided by members) is between .67 and 1.5 of yours. So if you are guild of 15 with 1.5 Million total fans, you could in the extreme play a guild of ten, who have a total of 666,667 fans, or in the other extreme a guild of 25 with 3.75 Million fans.

The abilities of teams has no relevance to who you play.
So that's how its works the .67 is obviously set far too high so a reduction needs to be made here to say .50 at the most & even that could still prove to be too much to even things up a little as some of these Challenges are a total farce. My guild have been on both sides of this & while we sometimes get challenges where we will wipe them out & they struggle to even beat 2/3 of ours we have also been on the other end of ones like that. Challenges of that extreme are totally pointless when we are on the wrong end of one of those we just let those who need the money play & the rest of us don't bother. much the same with the easy ones as well I often take out our better teams & replace them with the lesser guys to allow them to get the cash knowing that we will even then still win by a mile.

They really do need to go back & start again with this & base it on the levels that teams are playing at as it is easy to cheat as all you need to do is get all of your guild not to build stadiums beyond a certain point so as not to collect too many fans meanwhile you all climb to the top levels & win every G C by a mile because you have top teams with only a few fans & trust me that is being done
I am in a guild on the rugby version of the game and the guild mostly consists of players over level 40 some 50 and we don't even have 2, million fans obvs it's great for us we win all the time but it's not right the way the game is structured anyone can have the fanbase it doesn't mean your amazing if you max out fans and your poor if you only have 50,000 fans