How can Iranian teams have Level 22 stadiums without upgrading their banks?

i have written a ticket to support to ask them to clarify a very clear case of cheating because i know these teams have connections with admin:

Hi, Support,

If you could provide a very valid and good explanation as to how the Iranians are able to have Level 22 stadiums without upgrading their banks, i.e. mohandes khaaaalseee and New York City; of one of the top guilds? They change their guild name regularly but often call themselves King Wolves.

To have my Level 22 stadium, 3 of my banks had to be upgraded to Level 19, and another bank to Level 20. For the Iranian cheats, one of them has 3 of his banks are Level 18, and one is Level 19, plus, how can it be possible that he has 11x 200* pack players in his team??? The other guy, New York City has 3 banks at Level 18, and one at Level 17. How can they possibly have Level 22 stadiums?????

Please do not tell me you do not think nothing fishy is going on.

I bet you get no response admins are shocking on sublinet and that's just being polite
Simple they cheat
Stadium level 22 costs 87 millions
A bank level 18 can store 23 millions. Make the math.
There is absolutely no possible cheat in this game.
PierrotLL :

Stadium level 22 costs 87 millions
A bank level 18 can store 23 millions. Make the math.
There is absolutely no possible cheat in this game.

sorry pierrotll level 18 bank capacity is 19,440,000 the 23 million it cost to buy the bank upgrade and has no bearing on the question, 19,440,000 x 4 banks make 77,760,000 which makes it short to hold your 87 million to buy it? again i would ask you your own question make the math as when i do it its about 10 mill short can you let us know whats your totall thanks
Presumably, you meant "Do the math", which is used in movies and life by Americans, Admin.

In the UK, we speak proper English, and would say: Do the maths.

Anyway, your reply is laced with pure fallacy and does not answer the question we are all curious to find a valid answer for, without being blinded by the smoke screen Sublinet is creating.

Gareth has listed how the "maths" is to be calculated but thank you anyway for trying to cover up the obvious case of dirty tricks, most probably by the Iranian Admin and approved by Sublinet.

Hopefully, you will reply with a more honest answer and not one that is given in hope that we are all stupid and will accept blindly.

Please refrain from insulting our intellect any further.

Thank you.

Your championship winnings can be added to your account even if your banks are maxed. Hence it is possible to have enough money to build even if your over you bank limit.

Happened to me
I think you are mistaken or perhaps it was rigged in your favour, Garry, as whatever balance from championship winnings I had after my banks exceeded the limit disappeared! So, there is no possibility of the scenario you were mentioning. My guild mates also encountered the same situations. Thanks anyway.