Just trying wake this place up. Hello to all my friends new and old. If you see this and don't say hello back, you're a douche bag =)
Won't know the team but, already one douche bag Hahahahaa
Shut up Jammin...........your Giants already suck ass and they just started offseason training.......lmao
Sup Brother
Hey Jammin, you know -> you got some friends -> some not so friends
and some NO friends - think don - douche Bag is gone

Have fun - Not a douche Bag

see ya

Sept 19th
Cowboys, the pot calling kettle black LOL JB my real friends are all that matters =) Gobucs, yes!!!
BTW..... 36 douche bags here so far LOL
No douche bag here...lmao
I always knew that Z LOL You have always been in my non douche bag list =)