Pimps always have open minds

The Bar is a pretty relaxed group. Everyone has equal say. I don't think any of our leaders get off on being a leader if you know what I mean. We're like the Outsiders, aiming for the pimps. I think we are closer though. As I said before to beat or tie the pimps, you have to beat Karl and zeke'S two teams. While certainly not easy, we are capable. More capable than the other contenders in my opinion. If The Bar and the outsiders combined our best teams, we'd be there. But that's difficult as everyone likes their guild pretty much the way it is.
Hety seeing how everyone else is hijacking the pimps recruit thread...

Join the brotherhood... we have hookers and Beer on standby....

Yap and most of those hijackers are talking to much, without having a clue what they are talking about.
I'm not sure why anyone thinks we are not relaxed here. A guild full of great friends sharing info to help the guild as a whole to remain great. We have a couple common sense rules, and the rest is have fun and kick ass.
I fully expected to be "hijacked" and find it flattering. Anything to take us down, right? LOL What's more relaxing? Joining a guild stressing to take us down or joining a guild knowing you're part of the best and the whole guild has your back? I will be waiting for a team or two actually interested.
I still have my Level 11 ready for the PIMPS my Brother...lol... I'll chew Thier ankles off like a Rapid Little Shitzu. Lmfao

Z-Nation Militia aka Z
You are always welcomed Z. I know you are just playing and have a whole guild ready to help you grow back into the beast you were.
Was actually gonna put a Z in my name for your remembrance when you left until I saw how many GB's they wanted. Fuck that! LOL
Lmao...You guys are Awesome. Thanx Brother and yes... I'll be back ..lol
... Z ...
Damn Jammin how many name changes have you had LOL. If you would have added the Z you would have had to joined the Empire lmao
I think it has a good ring to it Jammin GiantZ
Damn that looks good Jamming GiantZ

All jokes aside, despite rumors, PIMPS are a good group of guys and friends of Empire and mine. Proud of that!
... Z ...