I asked myself

23/03/19 19:45
My team is not in the best shape right now but is there still a chance for free players to compete on top level? There are a lot of teams I respect at the top, payers and free players but I struggle to beat the PayPal teams because I fumble the ball about 7 times a game no matter which settings I use. Yeah I'm lazy and sure could do better.. I'm a free player and I've been satisfied with my results till the last update. Is it just me or do they want the free players quit playing the game?
24/03/19 04:40
GW, personally I’m not sure things have changed that much. In my guild the top teams are spenders. And have always been. I remember one spender we have being concerned that the new patch would neglect the money he previously spent on PayPal players. So I’m not really convinced much has really changed although I could be wrong.
25/03/19 01:52
GW.......I have and will always respect you and how you play this game bro...........it has gotten much much harder to keep up with the top dogs if you dont spend some cash.......you are 1 that has proven it can be done tho........but as with everything in this crazy world, money makes things just a little easier.......and as always...GO COWBOYS!!!!!
25/03/19 21:49
I think it's much more then that TBH...

There are a few things that changed 1 the passing game is back ..

I think at the highest levs of this game it come down to putting way too much time in lol..

TK and Thor have amazing pass games.. they can't use them to defend... as thats still broke ...

But if you setup to stop the pass... One of the strong running teams will step on your neck...

SO i think scouting is much bigger now then ever before..

Is the team your playing running a very fast def.. if so you react to it.. A very slow def a different reaction..

I can't speak for anyone else but i can tell you I have 6 def i run now..... all based on who I am playing and in truth how they are playing that game...

Lots of fun fights going on at the top 15 or so IMO...

I setup for 1 team took 1st.. then forgot to turn passing on and TK made me pay for it...

I have 2 paid HBS but i use 6 hbs per game.... so 4 are not Paypal players and they play just as solid... as they are all maxed in the stats they need...

My def starters are all paypal although i got many of them off the AH.. My backups are all AH players....

and the truth is If they would stock the AH with better players many spenders would not need to buy as many players... Prob why they wont do it..

The biggest place i see a difference in Buying a player is it's instant maxed.... thats a given But where they outshine a normal player is when the ball is turned over... HBs that are max Tkl are priceless when you um leave your pass folder on when sitting in first place lol..

Pack Attack is playing Great ball and he does not have many bought players,,,, Gators, Maddog both play solid with very few payed players.... So ya it;s possible... I'm sure there are others

BTW Thor TK.. been loads of fun the last few weeks ..

25/03/19 22:06
WHo the hell is Thor? You mean Thou? LOL, Randy, check your glasses. One time is a typo. Multiple is well...
26/03/19 02:08
Nickname maybe?

Leave me alone... sweet cheeks..

Ya thats your nickname
26/03/19 03:16
shh... I have a "few" bought players. I went a little crazy around Christmas, ok. haha. (I think I have 8... 4 off and 4 Def.)

SHHHH, dont tell anyone!

26/03/19 03:18
and Wunderkind, you have a hell of a team for 0 PayPal players. bravo, dude.
26/03/19 04:40
In Germanic mythology, Thor (/θɔːr/; from Old Norse: Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing and fertility.

Thus, I’m not offended by Randy’s subconscious thoughts...
26/03/19 14:17
Wait a sec guys, I need to get my popcorn.