training building is all jacked up

04/02/19 13:35
so what's up with the buttons being out of order and possibly not doing what the button says to do after this update? is that a bug? something they are trying to sneak in?
04/02/19 13:37
Yeah I noticed that. Wasn't sure if it was my fault. I've done a 2 hrs with - 10% energy but I lost - 23%
04/02/19 13:47
30 min train is now a 8 hr train... thats painful with a gc rolling in lol
04/02/19 13:53
Yeah seems like 8 hrs = 2 hrs, 2 hrs = 4 hrs and 4 hrs = 8 hrs

04/02/19 14:13
nothing like being up all night with a sick 5 month old then kick off a huge train when I was expecting a 30min -3% energy... hope they fix this soon.
04/02/19 14:44
I'm experiencing the same thing.
04/02/19 14:45
Now it has changed to nearly the correct time. Percentage is still off.
04/02/19 14:57
maybe they were trying to add an 8 hour option? that would be sweet.. when I am away weekends

I tossed a tic in .. figure if we get a few in they will see it and maybe fix it..

Glad they updated the building lev though
04/02/19 15:00
I think so randy but they messed up the the time and %
04/02/19 15:35
str3ifenkarl :

I think so randy but they messed up the the time and %

ya they did lol
glad we are playing you guys.. we would get our butts kicked no matter what train we were stuck on lol

in a close GC that could have caused some trouble though