Time to say farewell.

01/01/19 18:08
Hi Guys

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all the memories, battles & even fueds I've had with you all over the time I've been playing.

Wishing you all the best in the future.

My team may stay active for a while as I've given access to a good friend who has been keeping it running for me, but I'm officially done.

Peace out
Greybeard Griffins
01/01/19 19:55
Damm GG...
you can't leave!!! The plants will die!!!

game takes much time when your trying to compete for sure..

sorry to see you go!

01/01/19 22:43
Hate to see you go, Griff but certainly understand. You've been a top competitor, elite player and a thorn in our side for quite some time and will be missed in the game. I wish you nothing but the best!

02/01/19 02:35
All the best to an OG.... not many left.
02/01/19 16:20
Take care Greybeard.....trying to decide if I should do the same thing
02/01/19 21:06
same here i am done,,,,ice 24 and his fellow sand rats can sock my american wanker
02/01/19 21:08
its druggy scammers like you,,,are why people are quitting zeke dumb fuck
02/01/19 21:22
don showed up on this thread too.....that post was by don not Jason. Just so you know Zeke
02/01/19 21:25
don, I would call you an azzhole but even an azzhole has a purpose unlike you who has no purpose at all in life
02/01/19 21:35
I guess a better phrase to describe don would be smegma