in a champ a lev above me again...

01/01/19 17:02
If they are gonna drop you in a champ a lev above you i wish they wouldd have at least offered me the 4.99 lev up ad... didnt get it at all...

At the highest lev of the game... playing a lev over yours .. not easy and def not much fun...

anyway if your a 61... and a good one... fair chance I am going to be playing you a bunch this season//

I'm just trying to get dialed in... cause man this is no fun lol

I can handle most teams my lev... but let me tell you playing the TOP players in this game.. and being 1 lev under them..

it's gonna be a long painful season.. lol

if i play you it is nothing personal... as much as I want to beat the world in this game.. nothing but respect for all the people that still play this game.... to beat the best you have to play the best (and get your arse kicked by the best llo

Happy new year folks!!!

30/01/19 13:19
Looks like I get too do this Yet again....

I swear i am gonna start tanking seasons.. for once I would love to be even lev when i have to play the top teams in this game
30/01/19 14:20
You are always welcome
30/01/19 15:52
str3ifenkarl :

You are always welcome

lol you just like the easy target lol