Merry Christmas Phuckers!!

24/12/18 00:12
Putting this in bold so all you old phucks can see it. At this time you just take a moment to reflect. And forgive. Yet there is nothing to forgive. Just wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to all of you guys. Lord, we have been through many battles. Trying to prove who is better. Different guilds fighting each other for supremacy. The game, and all of you would not make it so fun if it was not the fierce competition. We are alpha males, and that is why our wives hate this game! LOL. BTW, my team su cks right now. LOL, I just clicked back and saw Maddogs just kicked my ass. And injured my two starting RB's But, see that is the fun. I saw he is trying hard to set up a custom tourney. Again, I harken (is that still a word?) back to the days of Tecmo Bowl. Just sitting around, drinking beers, and punching the shit out of one of your best friends when he scores on you, .... and laughs.
If I could, but I am no Stretch Armstrong (Ha! I had one once, but I broke it, really messy) I would reach out to all of you for a giant group hug.
Except you Don.
I hate you Don.
24/12/18 00:13
LOL, the bold thing did not work. What else is new.
24/12/18 00:31
haha. I did. notice that I got 2. my bad. haha.

about to post the tourney code in the other post.

And merry Christmas to you man.
24/12/18 14:59
Merry Christmas old timer! Maddogs did the same to me this season. Think he injured only one RB. Good game Maddog
24/12/18 15:24
I mean, sounds like you need tougher backs. haha. just playing. I'll see if I can lower the bountygate rewards (saints fan, I can joke about that now, right?).