10/03/17 14:37
I think a draft would be a good idea, and feasible. It could be run in the days between seasons. A schedule set up for each team to be "on the clock." If they are not present the computer would pick the highest star rating, regardless of position and other considerations. 3 to 7 rounds sounds about right. A good way to infuse young talent but also some extra fodder for the AH, which is barren early in the season. It could mimic the actual draft in talent level and order; first 2 rounds yield good players, while the later rounds would have "projects." You would draft in reverse order of your finish in the previous champ season. Salaries would follow along; high early, low late.Teams would have to opt in to participate. Trading picks would be out of the question, for the obvious reasons.
Lets get this done!
10/03/17 18:58
As much as I like the idea it will end up giving more headaches and complaining than what it will do good in my opinion.

With people playing from all around at all different times not everybody will have the opportunity to participate. Even with the auto picks for offline players picking the best available players you could end up with 7 KR's. Also defining who picks when is going to cause headaches with multiple championships running at the same time.

Lets hope I'm being daft and the developers sees away around this and can implement it as it will make the game much more interesting during the "off season"
10/03/17 21:42
There are a few things that could be done. Each champ series would have its own draft and at the same time the games were played. You could also set up what position you want, in what order, and the computer could pick the highest rated at each spot. But even if you get players you do not want you could put them up in the AH and then there would be a lot to choose from, kinda like free agency. And even if they are not high star rated players it would give more people a chance to replace the players they will have retiring. I could see the complaining, but I think it offers more opportunities and has a chance to make more players happy. Draft train leaving the station, ALL ABOARD!
10/03/17 23:20
Judd, that's a interesting concept. I believe the current system is ok, perhaps offering a private guild based AH or way to trade among the guild members. You would be able to trade a set amount of times per season with AP, money, or GB's. Any player stat cap will revert to it's corresponding level for trade to lower or higher tier teams. Thus eliminating for a lot of AH hassles, and keeping the talent among the guild. This would also help point out proper stat training to newer teams. Plus boost more guild morale and keep the guild challenges more competitive.
11/03/17 00:53
One of the best ideas I've seen in the forum so far. Good ideas often fail to come thru due to lack of executive planning. This one does offer how it can be done. It'll be an option just as the tournament, so if anyone wants to complain simply can choose not to participate.
The members of pimp guild is spending enough money for Sublinet to afford a team of programmers, so let's get on it please! There, i even said the magic word;)
11/03/17 03:32
The only reason we don't already have a draft is because soccer doesn't have one, so the devs didn't think of it lol

(They use youth teams, and guys are essentially free agents when decided which youth team to join)